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Keeping tabs on clean water

Decades of mining have left considerable pollution problems throughout the Clark Fork watershed.  Mining has considerable impacts to water quality, riparian habitat, and groundwater.

At the Clark Fork Coalition, we keep tabs on proposed mining projects, including the Rock Creek Mine in the lower Clark Fork and the potential Copper Cliff mine in the Blackfoot watershed.

Rock Creek Mine: A corporation called Revett Minerals wants to construct a giant silver and copper mine that would sit above the Clark Fork River near Noxon, Montana, just upstream of Idaho’s Lake Pend Oreille. We have serious concerns about this mine, as it would have tremendous detrimental impact to clean water, fish, and wildlife.  Read more

Copper Creek Mine: Near the old mining ghost town of Garnet, at the headwaters of Union Creek above the lush, rural Potomac valley, there’s an outcrop of rock stained iridescent blue and green with copper minerals.  That colorful cliff has inspired numerous attempts to see if there’s “ore” where that rock came from, and the most recent explorer is Kennecott Exploration Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the multinational Rio Tinto Group.  Read more