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Restoration at MilltownHealing streams through on-the-ground restoration, community partnerships, and working models

This is a time of historic opportunity for ecological and economic restoration of the Clark Fork River basin.  The river's headwaters are being literally rebuilt through restoration and remediation efforts focused on removing mine waste in Silver Bow Creek.  And a massive Superfund cleanup along 43 miles of the upper river's floodplain between Butte and Missoula is poised to begin.  At the Coalition, we're seeking to successfully restore a healthy aquatic ecosystem, while also sustaining irrigated agriculture, forestry, and improved recreation.  We hope to bring long-term ecological and economic benefits to the watershed while also buffering against the future impacts of urbanization and climate change:

>> Building on victories: Near Missoula, the removal of Milltown Dam now means that the Clark Fork and Blackfoot rivers are flowing free for the first time in 100 years.  The Coalition has been involved every step of the way-- take time to learn more about Milltown.

>> Healing streams via restoration: The resources and commitment are in place to carry out world-class restoration of the Upper Clark Fork, an area with a 150-year history of hard use and intensive mining.  The Coalition's integrated stream restoration program links actions over the entire riverine landscape in the Upper Clark Fork.  Download our Aquatic Restoration Strategy for the Upper Clark Fork Basin.

>> Adding flow: Our in-stream flow restoration program creates incentives for landowners to use their water right more efficiently or leave water in-stream.  Flow improvements benefit the entire river system in the form of more clean, cold water and migration corridors for native fish.  Download our Working with Water brochure to learn more about flow restoration.

>> Working models: Our 2,300-acre cattle ranch, Dry Cottonwood Creek Ranch, located in the middle of the Upper Clark Fork Superfund complex, is a place for neighbors and conservation partners to gather and exchange ideas on lands management, stream restoration, and sustainable agriculture.  Download our Ranch brochure to learn more about our working ranch.

>> Fixing mining pollution: Our restoration team gives technical advice and helps prioritize actions for creeks and streams polluted by mine waste tailings, including the Mike Horse Mine and Beal Mountain Mine.