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Responding to Climate Change in Missoula County 

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In 2011, the Clark Fork Coalition partnered with the Geos Institute and Headwaters Economics to organize a two-day ClimateWise workshop in Missoula County. During this workshop, over 100 local citizens and decision makers discussed the potential climate change impacts to Missoula's community, economy, and natural systems. The perceived threats and recommended solutions identified by the community members were then summarized in a report titled: Missoula County Climate Change Primer: Strategies to Care for Our Community, Land & Water.  

The following ClimateWise Report-Out is a compilation of various ways that local government, nonprofit agencies, citizen groups, and individuals are implementing these community-endorsed strategies. To add your group's efforts to this list of ongoing activities and accomplishments, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    


Strategies for Protecting our Land, Water and Community 

Identified by the ClimateWise Workshop 2011

More Information:

Organizations Taking Action in Missoula

*Read more about the risks and strategies identified in the ClimateWise workshop:

ClimateWise Strategies and Solutions.pdf

*Read more about the organizations and projects working to mitigate climate change in Missoula County:



  1. Mitigating Local Impacts From Global Climate Change

  2. Addressing Wildfire Severity Tied to Development Growth in the Wildland-Urban Interface 

  3. Addressing the Effect of Declining Snowpack and De-Watering of Rivers

  4. Mitigating the Effects of Increased Flooding and Changes in Water Quality

  5. Addressing Declines and Disruptions in Native Fish and Wildlife