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Home Cats and sweaters at Fish Creek? We can do better.

Cats and sweaters at Fish Creek? We can do better.

Fish Creek in western Montana

We can do better at Fish Creek.


Sometimes, things just don’t go together. Like cats and sweaters. Or a native trout stream and an over-developed park.

Fish Creek provides the best spawning habitat for native westslope cutthroat trout and the threatened bull trout between Rock Creek and the St. Regis River. It’s also home to diverse wildlife and is slated to be a new Wildlife Management Area.

But Montana State Parks is proposing a high-impact campground development — including extensive trails and facilities — smack dab in the middle of this sensitive area. The proposal just doesn’t make sense. ¬†Plus, it ignores public input about the future park, which called for low-impact activities like hiking, hunting, and fishing — uses that allow full enjoyment of this outstanding natural area without loving it to death.

Will you ask Montana State Parks to back away from the intensive uses proposed at Fish Creek State Park? Submit your comments on the Draft Management Plan by Feb. 7. Click here to check out CFC’s official comments and find additional talking points.


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9 Responses to Cats and sweaters at Fish Creek? We can do better.

  1. Matt Devlin says:

    Fish Creek is one of the last best places to fish in our region and the more natural and wild this place is left the better. I strongly submit my vote on the side of the creek and not the development.

  2. Wayne Jordan says:

    Please don’t let this happen!

  3. Tom Gagnon says:

    No fish creek campground!

  4. Brandon Kohlwes says:

    The creek is already over used without this campground. This is a mistake!

  5. John Paine says:

    Think about the negative impact this can/will have, and please make the fish and native wildlife a priority!! These spaces are disappearing.

  6. Bob Nanney says:

    Such a wonderfully natural and beautiful place …I’d hate to se it over used and I would definitely say NO to any type of development……

  7. Grace says:

    Commenting here is great, but please also submit an “official” comment at the link provided in this post! :)

  8. colin halsell says:

    WORST IDEA EVER! i strongly appose this idea for the reason matt devlin and brandon kohlwes have already said… any more pressure on this creek is a HORRIBLE idea. NO FISH CREEK CAMPGROUND!

  9. meze maccalman says:

    obviously whatever nitwit thought this idea up has never spent much time at fish creek because if he did he would know its possibly the dumbest fucken idea hes ever came up with..bring your tourists somewhere else and kindly leave fish creek and its fine fish alone. if anything i vote for it to be a fly fishing only, single barbless hook, catch and release stream from here on out .